The stream of consciousness, 2014
Eon Lee

The stream of consciousness, 2014

Eon Lee

Hi! It’s been pretty while that I didn’t update my tumblr. 

and I’m really sorry if I missed any question messages from you.

I’ll on it as soon as I finish this writing! :)

so, how’s it going? In here, Summer starts to suffocating me with it’s humidity. seriously, I’ll love this season if it has a little less humidity than it has now… 

and I have some trouble about what should I draw for myself.

so if you have any suggestions please let me know.. I beg you XP

and I’m thinking about making postcards with my drawings.

I’ll keep you posted! gonna do some give away when I made’em :)

so. about this video.

it’s my first actual figure video telling about small things.

I was kind of bored when I ended up decide to make this.

and actually, I had fun while I’m doing this! :D 

put so many doodles in there, and I think it came out not that bad.

so if you are also bored right now, or wants to see something silly

try this! lol 

so, I don’t know how to end this. well.

have a nice day!

speed drawing video of elsa has been released :)

Speed drawing of Belle from disney princess is has been uploaded. :)

Untitled yet, 2014
Eon Lee
pencil, colour pencil, pastel on paper

Untitled yet, 2014

Eon Lee

pencil, colour pencil, pastel on paper

A little bit of fangirling. :O

4B pencil on Kraft paper. 

youlookterribleilookawesome said: wow i love your drawings really are perfect <3

Thanks! <3

welcometothetripdude said: Hi there :) I just wanted to tell you that you are an AMAZING artist and that one of your Elsa drawings is now tattooed on my arm. I hope that's ok with you. I just REALLY LOVED the way you drew her and it was the perfect picture and it caught my attention. Keep up with the good work because you are amazing!

Wow. I can’t imagine what it’s be like when it’s tattoed. Can you show me on intagram or something? :) It would be so nice if I can see them in picture. My account is @2eeon. and thanks for those nice words, I’m really glad you like it!

man and wife.

man and wife.

Anonymous said: when did you start drawing? :)

Just same as you, I’ve been drawing since I was a kid :)

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